Exhaust Systems

CiTECH are able to offer the full scope of supply from the turbine/engine exhaust outlet flange through to the exhaust stack outlet, including expansion joints, ducting supports, elbows and rain hoods.

Whether a hot or cold case ducting system is specified, CiTECH are able to offer a variety of materials to suit every application.

Hot-cased systems, fabricated out of stainless steel, have external insulation and cladding to provide the required heat zone requirements and personnel protection. This is usually completed after the final installation of the exhaust ducting on site. Cold case systems, which can be fabricated in carbon steel, have internal insulation and lining, which are fitted at CiTECH’s manufacturing facility. This minimises site installation work and complexity.

Extensive calculations are performed to ensure pressure drop, velocity limits, and mechanical stresses are well within the required parameters.


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