Louvre Damper Systems

Multi-louvre damper systems are constructed from a series of blades which rotate on a central shaft to direct the exhaust gas flow within a WHRU to the heat exchanger tube bundle or through the bypass duct. The damper blades act as a mechanically linked pair to provide opposed operation in order to ensure good flow through the WHRU and prevent blocking the exhaust path.

The dampers can be provided with a pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuation system that will move the blades between 0-100% exhaust gas flow controls.

The blades are fitted with flexible seals that are forced on to landing bars which provide a high sealing efficiency on flow.

A sealing air skid comprising of duty/standby fans complete with pressure switches and non-return valves can be provided to ensure 100% sealing of the duty damper to eliminate any exhaust gas leakage to the heat exchanger.

  • Flexible: The size, number and shape of the blades can be modified to fit most applications.
  • Fast reaction time: Minimal time for the damper to travel from fully open to fully closed.
  • Lower power consumption: Actuation system power requirements are low
  • Fail Safe: An air reservoir can be fitted to ensure that there is always sufficient air available to drive the dampers to the fail-safe position.

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