A Once through Steam Generator (OTSG) quickly produces superheated steam utilising a single coil to act as the economiser, evaporator and superheater without the use of an eternal steam drum. OTSGs are smaller, lighter, simpler to operate and more responsive than a comparative conventional HRSG system.

OTSG technology combined with the helical CiBAS coil heat exchanger unit produces an extremely efficient, lightweight and modular unit, which generates high purity superheated steam quickly and at low cost.


  • Low Space: Small footprint and weight combined with the lack of need for a steam or mud drum minimises the space required to install the units.
  • Quick installation time: Supplied as a single complete unit eliminating site construction time allows for easy mechanical installation.
  • Low thermal losses: Blowdown systems are not required, limiting thermal losses and lowering the makeup requirements.
  • High Operating Flexibility: Reduced size and complexity allows for a fast response time to load demands making the system ideal for high operation cycle applications.
  • Low maintenance requirements: A single, central sleeve damper is the only moving part allowing for extremely low maintenance requirements.
  • Low water hammer effect: The CiBAS helical coil design provides an uninterrupted path from feedwater to superheated steam. This minimises the risk of water hammer effect on tubes as can be experienced on conventional OTSG systems.

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