Whether replacing and upgrading existing WHRU or providing new WHRU for existing open cycle equipment. Retrofitting WHRU is a proven cost-effective way of increasing efficiencies whilst at the same time reducing carbon footprint.

Due to its small foot print, modular design and minimal maintenance requirements the CiBAS WHRU is ideal for retrofitting onto existing offshore and onshore installations where space and weight are at a premium.

The additional heat recovered can be used to provide process heating, produce steam and even, with the use of additional steam or ORC turbine generators, produce additional electrical power.

As the CiBAS unit is supplied as a single piece of equipment, which is fully factory tested, the time for mechanical installation at site can be as little as one day, which means that downtime for existing equipment is kept to an absolute minimum.

Alternatively, in some cases offshore, CiTECH have been able to work within existing crane limits by splitting the units up into modular components to enable simple site construction with no hot work required. This can also include splitting the heat exchanger coil/tube bundle into sections, each secured into its own individual coil case for ease of transportation and installation.

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