Our conventional Waste Heat Recovery Unit design consists of a ‘serpentine’ finned tube heating bundle. The heat from the gas turbine exhaust is transferred to the heating medium inside the finned tubes mainly by convection.

CiTECH have been supplying conventional Waste Heat Recovery Units throughout our long and illustrious history.

Each unit design is optimised to give the most efficient and cost-effective solution for our clients. The flexibility of this type of design means that we are able to provide optimised and most cost-effective solutions for our clients across oil and gas, power generation, and industrial applications. Helping to save energy, reduce emissions, and increase efficiency.

The heat exchanger design consists of a ‘serpentine’ tube bundle. Straight lengths of finned tube are connected through a series of U bends to common headers to create numerous equal paths through the exhaust gas. This method provides considerable flexibility in design balancing required heat duty, with heating medium and exhaust gas pressure drop.

The multi-louvre control dampers direct the exhaust flow over the tube bundle or to a bypass duct as required by the heat duty demand.

CiTECH are able to provide a complete WHRU solution including inlet ducting and stacks, expansion joints, support structures, access ladders and platforms, silencers and instrumentation.

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