Traditional WHRU

Although CiTECH believe that the compact CiBAS is the most suitable equipment for offshore WHRU installations, traditional types can also be supplied if required.

CiTECH have designed and manufactured over 180 of these units since the 1980’s North Sea boom

These traditional WHRU’s have been installed on fixed and floating platforms, and many different types of FPSOs throughout the world operated by the leading Oil & Gas companies.

A breakdown of the WHRU units is as follows

  • 74 units heating oil
  • 103 units heating water or water/glycol
  • 4 units generating steam
  • 6 units used as a CHP dryer
  • 18 units have been fitted with supplementary or auxiliary firing
  • 85 units have been supplied with an integral bypass
  • 102 units have been supplied with a separate bypass
Each of these traditional units were designed to meet the specific requirements of the client. The following factors were taken into account:

  • Horizontal or vertical layout
  • hot or cold cased (external or internal insulation)
  • integral or separate bypass
  • louvre or diverter dampers
  • heating medium
Frequently, responsibility has also included for the equipment scope downstream of the WHRU inlet flange,i.e. silencers, ducting, stacks, dampers, heat exchangers, casing, primary instrumentation and fire protection.