Twinstack CiBAS

The Twinstack by CiTECH, combines the advantages of helical heat exchanger coils with external flow control measures which gives a unique hybrid solution to satisfy operational demands.

The Twinstack system replaces the internal turbine/engine flue control with an external 3-way gas diverter to direct the flow to the heat exchanger coil or to a separate bypass stack. This allows full isolation of the heat exchanger from the exhaust gas – thereby eliminating any residual heating to the heating medium when in full bypass mode.

The Twinstack system is extremely versatile, lending itself to multiple horizontal and vertical layouts with both hot and cold cased ducting systems and suitable for new builds and retrofits – where the unit can be integrated into existing duct work.

Why Twinstack?

  • High efficiency helical heat exchanger
  • Total isolation of waste heat recovery unit
  • No residual heating when in bypass
  • Process flow turn-down to zero
  • Flexible integration

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