Al Shaheen Platform BG

CiTECH was awarded the order from Solar Gas Turbines for four CiBAS C45 WHRU for the Al Shaheen BG Platform to provide heat to the on-board Oil and Gas Processing System.

The CiBAS units are designed to be cold cased and run dry. The units are specified to recoup at a combined flow rate of 1,232,000 kg/hr a total thermal duty of 71,200kwth through an Inhibited Water system recovering heat from four Solar Titan 130 Generator Compressor Turbines.

Al Shaheen, Qatar’s biggest offshore oil field, lies 180km north of Doha, in Block 5 in the Qatar peninsula. It is one of the world’s biggest and most complex oil fields, producing 300,000 barrels of oil per day. The giant Al Shaheen oil field is operated by North Oil Company, which is a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum (70%) and Total (30%). NOC will operate the field for a period of 25 years ending in 2042.

Project Info

Maersk Oil Qatar
Offshore Qatar
26°23'36.3" Longitude 51°47'08.8" Latitude
CiBAS Model:
Thermal Duty KW:
17,800kw th
308,000 kg/hr
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