B193 Bombay High Basin

CiTECH have won the order from Sime Darby to supply a total of Five CiBAS C30 WHRU for the ONGC B193 Platform to provide heat to the on-board Production & Process Systems. Three units (A) are installed on the production section of the platform and the remaining Two (B) are installed on the accommodation section of the platform. All Five CiBAS units are designed to be cold case and to run dry. The A units recover a total of a combined flow rate of 271,200kg/hr and a total thermal duty of 19,500kwth through a Hot Oil System (Hytherm 500) from three Siemens SGT 300 Gas Turbines. Whilst the B Units recover a total of a combined flow rate of 146,830kg/hr 8,000kwth through a Hot Oil System (Hytherm 500) from two Siemens SGT 200 Gas Turbines.

Once in production the B193 platform will be likely to add 28,000 barrels per day to peak oil production. The B-193 cluster field development includes eight marginal fields — B-23A, B-28, B-28A, B-172, B-178, B-179, B-180 and B-193 — off the west coast of India. The project will add 44 million barrels of oil production and 6 billion cubic meter of gas over the life of the field.

Project Info

Sime Darby
Offshore Bombay High Basin
19°04'21.1" Longitude 72°47'58.2" Latitude
CiBAS Model:
5 (3+2)
Thermal Duty:
6500kw th & 4,000kw th
45,200 kg/hr & 73,415 kg/hr
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