Bardegg Baronia

CiTECH were awarded the order from Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) for two CiBAS C100 WHRU and four exhaust ducts for the Bardegg-2 Baronia EOR Development. The WHRUs provide heat for their central processing platform. Also The CiBAS units are designed to be cold casing and run dry, the units are specified to recoup at a combined flow rate of 89,823 kg/hr and total thermal duty of 16,600 kW through oil recovering heat from two Rolls Royce RB211 Gas Turbine Compressors.

The four exhaust duct runs, the longest of which was over 46m in length, were hot cased in stainless steel including expansion joints support steel and sliding support feet to allow for the considerable thermal expansions. External insulation and cladding fitted within our production facility prior to shipping to minimise the installation time as only the ducting connecting flanges were required to be insulated and clad onsite.

PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd. (PCSB) undertook the development of BARDEGG-2 and Baronia EOR project located offshore Sarawak in Baram Delta at about 47 km north-west of Miri in a water depth of about 76 m. BARDEGG-2 and Baronia EOR development comprises of Baronia, Tukau Timur, Bakau, Fatimah and Salbiah fields.

Project Info

Hyundai Heavy Industries
Offshore Malaysia
4.74389°N, 113.74306°E
CiBAS Model:
2 WHRU + 4 GTG Exhaust Ducts
Thermal Duty:
16,600 kW
89,823 kg/hr
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