CPOC B17 Development

CiTECH have been awarded the order from S.O.M.E PTE Ltd for Two CiBAS C100 WHRU and Three CiBAS C45 WHRU. These units are to be installed on the B17 Field Central Processing Platform to provide heat to the on-board Gas Processing System. The CiBAS units are designed to be cold case and to run flooded, the C100 units are specified to recover at a combined flow rate of 405,000kgs/hr a total of 23,600kwth through a Hot Oil system (Therminol 66) from two Rolls Royce RB211 Gas Turbines. The C45 units are specified to recover at a combined flow rate of 190,000kgs/hr a total of 7640kwth also through a Hot Oil system (Therminol 66) from three Solar Taurus 60 Gas Turbines with a running regime of two duty, one standby.

The Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area is a 7,250 km square area in the Gulf of Thailand which was created as an interim measure to exploit the natural resources in the seabed or continental shelf claimed by the two countries and to share the proceeds equally. Approximately 8.5 trillion standard cubic feet of gas reserves (proved and probable) from twenty two fields in the area have been discovered

Project Info

Malaysia-Thailand Joint
6°50'.0" Longitude; 102°29'.0" Latitude
CiBAS Models:
C100 | C45
2 | 3
Thermal Duty:
11,800kw th | 3,820kw th
202,500 kgs/hr | 95,000 kgs/hr
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