CiTECH have been awarded the order from Siemens for two CiBAS C45 WHRU for the Foroozan Platform to provide heat to the on-board Gas Processing System.

The CiBAS units are designed to be cold casing and run dry, the units are specified to recoup at a combined flow rate of 346,000 kg/hr a total thermal duty of 20,600 kW through a Water system recovering heat from two SGT400 (Cyclone) Gas Turbines.

The Kharg Island gas gathering and natural gas liquids recovery project is being developed by the Iranian Offshore Oil Company. This project involves construction of a gas treatment plant and a NGL recovery; the facilities will receive and process gas from both onshore and offshore sources. Approximately, 300MMcfg/d of gas will be gathered from offshore fields and another 300MMcfg/d from onshore processing facilities. The collection of the onshore gas will be fed from the Aboozar; Dorood I, II and III; and Foroozan oil processing facilities.