Gallaf Project

In late 2021 Siemens Energy awarded CiTECH the contract to supply a traditional WHRU for the Gallaf platform. Due to the particular sour properties of the GT exhaust gas on this platform CiTECH have designed the heat exchanger with a parallel flow section as well as a counter flow section to avoid the possibility of any acid condensation on the heat exchanger pipes. Stainless steel case plate materials were also supplied on cold cased, internally lined unit to eliminate the possibility of acid corrosion.

Unlike the CiBAS WHRU design with its unique sleeve type damper design a traditional WHRU utilises twin, mechanically linked dampers to modulate the gas flow over the heat exchanger to meet the heat demand of the client’s process. Operated by North Oil Company, this platform will further advance the ongoing expansion of Qatar’s largest offshore oilfield – the huge Al-Shaheen development.

Project Info

Siemens Energy AB
North Oil Company
Unit Model:
Traditional waste heat recovery unit
Thermal Duty:
630,000 kg/hr
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