CiTECH with the cooperation of Alstom Gas Turbines Lincoln have installed a development unit of their patented Compact Circular Waste Heat Recovery Unit known as CiBAS on their site.

The C30 unit has been installed on a development test bed for the Typhoon (SGT 100) to provide steam for power enhancement and emissions control.

The CiBAS unit is designed to be cold casing and run flooded, the unit is specified to recoup at a combined flow rate of 7812 kg/hr a total thermal duty of 8,000 kW through an OTSG (Once Through Steam Generating) system recovering heat from one SGT100 Turbine.

The Gas Turbine Factory in Lincoln has a long-standing existence and history in the city and has made a major input to the economy and community as Lincoln’s largest engineering employer.

Starting life in 1946 with the first Gas Turbines produced in 1952 as Ruston Gas Turbines the factory has been owned by a number of major engineering companies until 2004 when all the gas turbine manufacturing was sold by Alstom to Siemens.