CiTECH have been awarded the order from Dresser Rand/Vetco for one CiBAS C100 WHRU for the Sleipner Platform to provide heat to the on-board Gas Processing System. The CiBAS unit is designed to be a hot casing and run dry, as the unit was being installed to an existing gas turbine on the platform it was designed and manufactured in modules that could be lifted into place by the platform crane. The unit is specified to recoup at a combined flow rate of 406,000 kg/hr a total thermal duty of 23,000kwth through a Water Glycol system recovering heat from one LM 2500 Turbine.

The gas of the field was expected to travel to the European market by the Statpipe, Zeepipe and Europipe. The condensate will be piped to a receiving terminal at Kårstø, for export by ship. The Sleipner project has two main fields, Sleipner East and West. Sleipner West is tied back to Sleipner East, and the two fields are produced by a single operations organization in Statoil.

Project Info

Rand/ Vetco
Offshore, North Sea, Norway
58°23'25.1" Longitude 1°15'04.0" Latitude
CiBAS Model:
Thermal Duty:
23,000kw th
406,000 kg/hr
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