CiTECH have been awarded the order from Rolls Royce Ltd for Three Traditional with Integral Bypass WHRU for the USAN FSPO to provide heat to the on-board Oil & Gas Processing System.
The WHRU units are designed to be cold case and to run flooded, the units are specified to recover at a combined flow rate of 1,304,000 kg/hr a total of 50,740 Kw through a Water system from three Rolls Royce RB211 Gas Turbines with a running regime of two duty, and one standby.

Construction of the FPSO for the project was by Hyundai Heavy Industries. The FPSO measures 320m in length, 61m in width and weighs 116,000t. Production capacity of the vessel is 180,000bpd.
The USAN FSPO is Total second largest project for offshore Nigeria and has involved over 4000 people worldwide in its design and construction which has included over 30% of local content.