UzEEF Uztransgaz ORC

CiTECH were awarded the order from Turboden for three CiBAS Twinstack WHRU for retrofit installation onto existing gas turbine generators. The CiBAS units are designed to be hot cased casing and run in flooded mode, the units are specified to recoup at a combined flow rate of 100,800 kg/hr and total thermal duty of 21,600 kW through oil recovering heat from three GE LM1600 Gas Turbines.

The three CiBAS WHRU were supplied with an external 3 way gas diverter assembly which was installed directly onto the roofs of the existing GT buildings. The gas diverter directed the exhaust either to the bypass stack or to WHRU as the heat demand required. The heat recovered was fed into an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) generator, supplied by Turboden, to generate additional electrical output and improve the overall efficiencies of the plant.

Project Info

Onshore Hodzhaabad, Uzbekistan
40.666667, 72.766667
CiBAS Model:
CiBAS Twinstack
Thermal Duty:
7,200 kW
100,800 kg/hr
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