CiTECH have been awarded the order from Samsung Heavy Industries for three traditional WHRU with a Separate Bypass for the Vasai East platform to provide heat to the on-board Gas Processing System.

The TWHRU sep. Bypass units are designed to be hot casing and run dry, the units are specified to recoup at a combined flow rate of 100,089 kg/hr a total thermal duty of 7,800 kW through a Hydrothem 500 system recovering heat from three Solar Taurus 40 Gas Turbines, with a running regime of two duty one standby.

ONGC India is proposing to develop the Vasai East field which is 225 km2 and at a water depth of 50 to 65 m. It is expected to drill 19 new well 2000 to 2200m deep. There will also be installation of two new well head platforms and one new process platform. It is also planned to lay submarine pipeline of 38kms length in 6 segments for well fluid, gas lift and water injection pipelines.