The Company

CiTECH Ltd are an acknowledged leading supplier of Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRU’s). The CiBAS WHRU has been developed specifically for the offshore oil and gas industry as an all-in-one package with built in silencer and bypass sleeve for flow isolation and control. When compared to other types of WHRU, the CiBAS range offers a 30% to 50% reduction in overall weight and space envelope. The unique and patented design of CiBAS alleviates the need for a separate silencer, isolation and control dampers together with operational and bypass stacks.

CiTECH has evolved to its present status over the past 8 decades. The roots of the business started with Meten (Metallurgical Engineers) London Ltd in 1938, the company specialised in supplying the Steel and Glass Industries with heat recovery systems and specialist recuperation equipment.

With the growth of the North Sea Oil and Gas era, product development led the business into the Fired Process and Steam Super Heater market. 1980 saw their first offshore contract – with Worley Engineers for the Beatrice Platform operated by British National Oil Corporation.

  • 1975: Meten diversified into Heat Recovery Equipment for the Oil & Gas Industry primarily in the North Sea.
  • 1995 Meten had been acquired by Shack Industries who were part of the GEC Alstom Group and Schack Engineering (GB) Ltd was formed
  • 1998: GEC Alstom rename as Alstom and registers on the London, Paris and New York stock exchange. The old Schack group was renamed ALSTOM Energy Systems
  • 2006: CiTECH Energy Systems was formed from a management buyout from Alstom, included within this transaction were a number of patented designs for a unique Circular Compact Waste Heat Recovery Unit known as CiBAS (Concentric Integral Bypass and Silencing).
  • 2008: CiTECH were acquired from the major stakeholder by a Malaysian company known as Tanjung Off-shore Sdn Bhd and CiTECH Energy Recovery Systems (UK) LTD was formed.
  • 2012: Muhibbah Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd acquired the assets and business from Tanjung including the Patented Technology of CiTECH Energy Recovery Systems UK Ltd and CiTECH Energy Recovery Systems Malaysia Sdn Bhd was formed
  • 2013: Muhibbah Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd opened the UK office from which CiTECH Energy Recovery Solutions (UK) Ltd was formed.

8 Decades of Heat Recovery